Who I'm I to you?

Who I'm I to you?

We have been staying together so long. And why we are still non clear. How to love each other. A love which is no way to make it happen.

Who I'm I to you. Do you have me in your heart. Tell me the truth, no doubt?

Everyone asks us what we are. I also really want to know. I don't dare to tell them that you and I were in love. Do you know this feeling. It is really painful. Do you love me or we are just only friends.

Please tell me now how is the true love looks like. Which way to go? How many percentage between us? Or maybe your love to me is under zero percentage or maybe fifty percentage. I really want to know who is the one belong to your heart. Who is your love.

I'm I your sister? no no I don't want that to be happen. Please tell me now.

Composer: Pu Sam
Music: Pu Rak
Singer: Danamo