Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment Options

If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer and are alive, one of the biggest challenges you will face is preventing the cancer from coming back. After treatment is successful, your doctor will continue to schedule follow-up appointments to make sure you are free of skin cancer. Even regular medical care is no substitute for good skin care habits.

First, make sure you avoid any kind of prolonged exposure to the sun. This means that you should avoid the daylight hours from ten in the morning to two in the afternoon. If you must go outside, always wear appropriate sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure by wearing long-sleeved shirts, wide-brimmed hats, and light colors that help reflect the sun away. on your body. Most importantly, to prevent the recurrence of skin cancer, you should always check yourself and see your doctor immediately if you notice any change in color or mole or suspicious lesions.

But that is not always enough and sometimes the unthinkable happens. So, if you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, you need to know what the alternatives are.

The most important goal in treating skin cancer is to eradicate the growth and contain the spread of the cancer. There are many other methods that can be used depending on the diagnosis.

• Kaposi's sarcoma is very serious and must be treated with chemotherapy. • Melanoma, if it spreads, which is one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer, the same should be treated once the original growth is removed.

• If Paget's disease is a type of skin cancer that needs to be treated, a mastectomy may be the only other option. Food 

What about other measures to ensure there will be no relapse? Some people believe, and studies have shown evidence to support this belief, that if you use other treatments in addition to standard medical procedures, you can get better results. Nutrition is considered an important factor in recovery.

Research shows that by consuming protein, antioxidants, and folic acid found in a variety of foods, including fish, carrots, and broccoli, a person is able to protect his body from further damage by caused by cancer cells. Vitamin C is also considered a very helpful fighter when it comes to skin cancer and its ability to spread.

Green tea 

Some people facing concerns about skin cancer choose to see health professionals who practice different types of medicine, such as naturopathic doctors. Often their advice focuses on herbs that can be used to treat cancer. They tell you that many people consider green tea as a healthy drink because it contains polyphenic compounds. They are good protective antioxidants.

There is research to support this and studies have shown that polyphenols can not only prevent skin cancer but can also play an important role in the treatment of skin diseases. Some treatments suggest taking unusual things like coffee enemas several times a day or eating castor oil, or restricting calories while eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

Other studies have shown that some enzymes are found in different types of food; including but not limited to broccoli, cauliflower, celery and cabbage are very beneficial. The enzymes in these vegetables are called indoles. Indoles and lectins, found in beans, are a powerful combination against cancer growth. Although it is still in the experimental stage of research, with the high success rate of their experiments, there is good reason to hope that eating foods rich in these enzymes will help in the fight against cancer.

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