Alternative Treatments to Relieve PMS

Pain, headaches, mood swings - it's all part of being a woman and having PMS. Having a regular menstrual cycle is a sign of good health, but it can be accompanied by pain, constipation and 100 other symptoms! And because every woman is different, there is no consensus or cure for PMS in the medical community. Doctors who deal with you will tell you to take aspirin and may prescribe diuretics or hormone therapy, but alternatives to these types of comfort can be more pleasant and have fewer side effects. how many.

Acupuncture can reduce pain and anxiety from any disease, so it's worth trying for PMS. The same goes for massage, your massage therapist can show you how to massage your inner and lower abdomen whenever you need to relax. There is no medicine involved, but these two methods of treatment are not harmful. Plus, they leave you feeling so relaxed that having them can turn a bad PMS day into a happy one.

There are a few herbs that are used to make teas and poultices for PMS relief. These include Kava Kava Chai and Ginseng. To reduce inflammation, swelling and irritation, try Viburnum. If you have problems with swollen breasts and muscle spasms or are prone to PMS acne, the answer to these symptoms may be right in front of you: dandelion! As an herbalist, recommend the right combination of herbs for your symptoms.

Many people use the healing power of crystals to improve blood flow, which eases the headaches and tension you may experience with PMS. And if you want something more traditional, you can try yoga. In fact, exercise, and yoga in particular, is a great way to reduce symptoms and reduce fatigue. Slow stretching exercises and low impact cardio yoga are good for menstrual symptoms.

Hypnosis is an increasingly popular treatment for PMS. Hypnosis seeks to reveal the causes and conditions of the symptoms, thus reducing the pain completely. In the case of PMS, this will mean eliminating the cause of stress and anxiety. Although it is clear that it is caused by hormones, PMS can be managed with gentle hypnosis that aims to teach the patient that emotional changes are temporary and should not be taken seriously. .

If you have PMS and don't think hormone therapy is safe and aspirin won't do, why not try one of these other treatments? What do you have to lose but irritability, constipation, irritability and mood swings?