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So how can we be sure of anything? The answer is simple. You can't be sure. When you meet someone who tells you they know the answers to life's questions, really, really - RUN! They take a lazy approach. They're not sure - they've stopped asking questions and now expect you to do the same.

Consider the following answers, quoted by some thinkers around the world, to the question at hand: 

"It's clear? In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes." - Benjamin Franklin 

"The desire for certainty prevents the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the condition for pushing a person to reveal his potential." - Erich Fromm 

"Doubt is not a pleasant state, but certainty is vanity." - Voltaire 

"What men really want is not knowledge but certainty.'' - Bertrand Russell 

“Fear comes from uncertainty. When we are sure of our value or worthlessness, we have almost no fear. " - William Congreve 

One of the worst consequences is that it leads to a soft withdrawal of beliefs. Yes, for a spiritual person, there are things in life that should not be taken with faith and believed without doubt. God created us to think and wants us to use them. When we don't ask questions and know everything, I believe we are really hurting God. I believe that faith and belief is about trusting God, not about using our lazy mind.

If we allow our minds to taste the pudding by allowing belief and faith to enter into places where faith and belief are not meant to be used, we will realize that something is wrong. For example, we see topics related to faith such as the exact way God fulfills creation as something we must protect from being falsified, so we try to challenge scientific theories. which have a good foundation such as evolution. . Starting with a conclusion and then falsifying anything that contradicts our conclusion is not how scientific research is done. I believe that faith and thought are not mutually exclusive, and when it comes to questions of creation and evolution, I believe that God respects those who can say that we believe that God created the world and that science has shown that life changes over time and - go. . I believe in my heart that these two things can be true and there is no conflict. I don't need to see proof of Creation to know it's true. For me, evidence is for science, not for the domain of God. My evidence of God is in my heart. I don't need another proof from God. I believe that God wants us to examine, study, and question the things we see around us. God is powerful and powerful and He can take some questions "Why" from His questions as we can from our 3 year old grandchildren. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Questions are the beginning of understanding. It's clear at the end of it.