Natural Treatments for Common Illnesses

Some of the best remedies for common ailments seem to have been forgotten in today's society where a trip to the pharmacy can provide a cure for anything. The next time you have one of these common ailments, try doing what grandma did and go to your kitchen cupboard instead of the pharmacy. It will be good for your wallet and your health! 

Although vitamin C, D, and zinc supplements will reduce the duration of colds, warm lemon juice is also very good. Fresh lemon juice and honey is a great soothing agent for a sore throat and at the same time provides the body with the much needed vitamin C. Juice of one lemon in one glass of water is enough. When you have a cold or flu, rubbing your skin and nose and lips all the time can be irritating and painful. Try applying vaseline or petroleum jelly to those sore lips and nose. "Continued colds" where your nose and eyes are very watery can be embarrassing and even embarrassing, and believe it or not, you can help make the symptoms worse. these run easily from the onion. Just soak an onion slice in a cup of hot water for two seconds, and drink the chilled water throughout the day. In fact, onion is a good thing to have on hand when you have a cold and putting half an onion on your bedside table at night can relieve your cold symptoms because it is smelled when you sleeping.

For those bad times when you have diarrhea, two tablespoons of brown wine will solve the problem. In addition to common kitchen products, many herbs can be used to treat ailments instead of expensive drugs. For example, if you suffer from headaches, dizziness or tinnitus, you can try a light bulb. Tea tree and eucalyptus oil are useful for treating various respiratory conditions. They are good for treating cold and cough. They can be massaged into the heart or burned with fuel to help clear the airways and prevent congestion. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, can be applied to cuts, bites and stings. It is often used to treat spots and pimples and when mixed with water it warms the mouth (keep in mind that it should not be swallowed).

Black cohosh is also a tonic and works very well in reducing painful cramps. There will be ovarian pain and the period will continue. It is also effective in treating rheumatism, arthritis, rheumatic pain and muscle spasms. In small doses, appetite and digestion are improved and beneficial for the nervous system as a whole.