The Source of Youth

Aging, constant failure: 

The history of the world is full of stories of individuals trying to find eternal youth. The rich go to secret places for magical elixirs. Many people take megadoses of certain vitamins, drink tea, use coenzyme Q10, etc., hoping to find the "fountain of youth". Let's take a closer look at what happens to our bodies as we age. Time, our worst enemy: 

Growth hormone declines significantly from age 31 and at a rate of 14% per year. As we age, we become more susceptible to disease. Our ability to fight disease decreases, the body's ability to metabolize sugar, manage cholesterol and eliminate toxins from the kidneys becomes more difficult. Eventually, the deadly disease of aging slowly sets in. As a person ages, hormone levels decline. A decrease in the level of certain hormones has symptoms such as: 

 gray hair 

wrinkled skin 

reduce the thickness of the skin 


low libido 

weight gain 

bone or joint problems 

the immune system is weakened 

decreased muscle strength 

These symptoms may be the result of low human growth hormone. Up to the age of 21, human growth hormone is abundant in the body, responsible for building muscle, bone growth, skin elasticity, increased energy, body mass and sexual energy.

gray hair 

The cause of graying is a decrease in the production of melanin over time in the hair. When this happens, the hair produces less melanin, the result is hair, color, and strength.

 The skin 

Hormonal damage and free radicals are major contributors to skin aging due to reduced or absent production of hormones by the body. Hormones such as human growth hormone and testosterone are only produced in significant amounts up to the age of 20. These hormones are responsible for health, regeneration and the immune system. Due to the low level of hormones, damage to organs, tissues and cells begins.

Another cause is free radicals. They are part of the molecules in the human body. Due to external factors such as ultraviolet light (too much sun), smoking or bad eating habits, under these conditions are affected by free radicals. Which means they are looking for other chemicals to bond with. Eventually, skin eruptions begin. The body protects itself from aggressive people with natural antioxidants. For twenty years and more, this natural defense system gradually declines, until the skin can no longer defend itself. What can be done against aging?

Well, in regards to your actual age, nothing but a better lifestyle, a proper diet, or taking vitamins and supplements, will help to slow down the aging process? There are things that can: 

Reduces the symptoms of menopause and before menstruation 

Reduce body fat 

restore gray 

Increase the power 

Increases libido in men and women 

Restore the function of organs and glands 

Update the archive 

Improve eyes 

Make your mind better 

Stabilize blood pressure 

Strengthens the immune system