The Stone Age Diet Method

The eating habits adopted by developed countries in the last century are the main cause of many chronic diseases that are now popular in the Western world.

Diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and colon cancer are relatively unknown among the few remaining hunter-gatherers on Earth. The Stone Age diet is based on what our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have eaten before they became farmers.

Even in the last fifty years, our diet has changed a lot. Where our diet used to consist of simple, natural foods with few added ingredients, our diet now has a lot of variety.

Often times, it can even be difficult to find modern foods that do not contain some form of milk or wheat, which often cause food allergies, leading people to eat the same thing every day and often. Stone Age Diet A balanced diet and low allergenic diet, ideal for people with food allergies or food-related illnesses.

The foods you can eat on a Stone Age diet should come from the right sources and include things like fruits (except citrus fruits), fresh fruit juices (except citrus fruits), game and all fish, eggs without space, all vegetables, fresh. vegetable juice, fresh fruit (except peanuts), herbal teas, natural seasonings (salt, black pepper, herbs) and bottled or dry water. Foods to avoid in the Stone Age diet are milk of any kind, milk products, grains and related products, any kind of sugar, meat from domestic animals (pork, cow, lamb, etc.), chicken, eggs (unless free-range), citrus fruits, wine, coffee, tea, and all processed foods such as canned, packaged, bottled and ready meals, processed meat or fish, chocolate products and cocoa, spices and tap water.

The above list may seem restrictive, but you will find that your health and well-being improves by eliminating foods from your diet. There are also a few things you were allowed to eat in the Stone Age Diet that fit into our modern lifestyle and eating habits. Low-fat organic yogurt, eaten in moderation, is a good addition to the diet, and some well-accepted grains, even those with nutritional value, are rice and millet. If you must drink alcohol (perhaps you are at a wedding or party), a small white wine or good ale can be drunk.

The Stone Age diet is based on nutritious and nutritious foods and following the diet plan it provides will make you gain weight and get a strong, fit and healthy body. .