How to Eat to Lose Fat: The Obesity Solution's Secret

I often interview popular bodybuilders about their training and diet for life and have done so for years and years. A common topic that comes up when the conversation turns to food/nutrition is how much food the builders carry each day. These men have taught their bodies to manage calories and gain weight without gaining weight. Compare that to an overweight person who eats one meal a day and adds body fat in no time. I work with a team of obese people and have had great success using modified eating tactics to help obese people lose body fat.

The first thing for obese people is to establish a multiple meal schedule. The obvious benefit of this plan is that it breaks the daily calories into smaller chunks. I want a fat person to eat every three hours, that's usually five meals a day. Second, we insist that they clean up the food choices. Some foods are easily converted to body fat (sweet foods, synthetic foods and saturated fats) and some foods are less likely to be converted to body fat (solid proteins, fibrous carbohydrates). The body's metabolism goes into high gear to digest protein and fiber - creating the so-called thermogenic effect of food. The temperature really rises when the digestive system is faced with the daunting task of breaking down proteins and fibers that are difficult to digest. Many foods allow the body to handle fewer calories in one sitting and the frequent practice of eating 5-6 meals a day teaches the body to become an expert at digesting and distributing food. It is better to eat 3,000 "clean" calories per day divided into six meals of 500 calories per day than one mega-dirty 1,500-calorie fast food meal. The results are amazing when overweight people follow the method. I have a guy who lost 40 pounds of body weight in 40 days while adding 12 pounds of muscle at the same time. He started at 240 and yesterday he was 200. That's more interesting because he didn't lose muscle in the process, he added muscle in the process. He is not an athlete who is full of muscle memory; He is a 48-year-old man with no repair experience.

Fat people who cut calories end up losing fat as muscle and end up as a version of old fat. This process improves the body's ability to burn fat and increase muscle mass at the same time: a person who is overweight eats more, and therefore feels energetic and energetic during the process. Turn that into a calorie-slasher that feels deprived, denied, and continues to the end of anger. A healthy person who eats every three hours is less likely to eat and blow his food than a poor person who eats 1200 calories a day. A calorie-starved overweight person has set his calorie ceiling so low that eating a candy bar or a bowl of ice cream causes him to gain five pounds in 24 hours. Adding active muscle and strength building makes the obese person more mobile and able to climb stairs, get out of a low chair and walk around. Compare that to a calorie-slasher that really makes their body lean. People who rely on scarcity to induce weight loss suppress their immune systems and continue to develop colds and infections.

People who live on 1000 to 1500 calories a day live in a spiritual world with the pressure of denial. Someone who has raised their metabolism and is eating 3,000 calories a day can sometimes drink more than someone who is starving; I allow my parents to eat cheats once a week: it allows them to feel the emotions of the mind. The interesting thing about cheat meals (not cheat days - cheat meals) is that with the "goodness" of the remaining 6 7/8 of the time, the sweets, fats and junk they want and can eat are the meat that ask and usually. causing diarrhea. I currently train five overweight people with whom I work - one male and four female - and all are seeing amazing results: all are losing unhealthy fat while building the body works and eats more than before they start the process. This paradoxical approach - eat more so you don't get fat - is taken from the manual of the athletes and can be used effectively by anyone who is interested. in losing fat and gaining muscle.