Why Should You Give Up Smoking?

Tobacco was 1 out of ten elders die over the world around all over the world. Death is mainly because of the destruction of the breasts of the breast, breathing and cancer. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Do you still want to smoke? So read on...

Many doctors and physicians will not perform surgery on a smoker because they believe that the risks of surgery outweigh the chances of any benefit. Researchers in the branches of the Tornoto college and the cigarettes violate the right to heal the bones and to grow new bones.

The new information appears in the pregnant women who smoke is like 1 to 10 every day has a finger or defect tee. This number increases to 78% for those who smoke 20 or more cigarettes per day.

Another major reason to quit smoking is money. You will be surprised to find that most of your hard earned money is better in your own pocket than in the pockets of big corporations and lenders (and the government) who are all profiting. benefit from smoking. Tobacco taxes are going up again! This will mean even more of your money going up in smoke if you miss it. Even the big insurance companies have begun to reject the policy of smokers. God forbid the idea of ​​an insurance company taking risks to make its millions! Often, you will see this little box appearing on forms such as insurance forms, health forms, rental agreements, loan agreements, employment documents, etc., asking "If you smoke, please check the box". As soon as you check this box, you are classified and often rejected. Wouldn't it be such a risk to be able to put a tick in the box that said: "Non-smoker"? The public place such as the trunk, club, restaurants and many social resources and one is gathering a policies. Song of a smoker meant that your friends separated yourself, I will let them leave another. Do you like this feeling of being rejected? \ "Smoker, you really belong to that many people in the world are smokers and compared to smokers. It is universally accepted that smoking is bad, not only for the smoker but also for those around him. Quitting smoking is the greatest gift you can give to your loved ones because your habit is putting their health at risk. Even if you go to smoke, your untimely death will make your loved ones mourn and scare us all, but most of the time, it is not as scary as not smoking. It won't be a scary prospect to quit smoking, and it's not as soon as you understand the process tobacco control is putting on your mind. Maybe you didn't know that it has been statistically proven that being a smoker affects your chances of finding a romantic relationship? Yes, Cupid's arrow may not find you when you smoke! Many people want their partners to smell fresh and clean with "eau de parfum" instead of "tobacco water". One of the first things you will notice when you quit smoking is that you will regain your sense of smell, which smoking has destroyed. Suddenly, everything seems to smell better, including yourself. Food has a totally different taste and you quickly realize how your brain senses and receivers have been finished and tobacco deceived, the most used neuro-toxin in the world.

Unlike popular belief, when you stop smoking, it does not automatically mean that you gain weight. You will feel so much better that exercise will be therapy instead of work. Embrace new and exciting things, preferably outdoors. You will be really amazed at your new energy levels found while your body kicks this addictive habit.

Finally, here is a short testimony written by a longtime smoker: 

"It was not supposed to happen to me. I used to think that all the warnings about the dangers of smoking didn't apply to me. The scary way, the health warning on my cigarette pack will take me. I was allowed to smoke if I wanted to. How stupid I am. Try breathing through the grass for 15 minutes and you'll have the feeling of breathing like me. How difficult it is to breathe when your lungs are severely damaged due to years of smoking these dreaded cigarettes. It's not easy, I fight every day. If I were an animal, I would have been free from this suffering. As it is, I don't have any kind of life. The health warning on the cigarette package should be read, You will suffer for life." Mr. Hills